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Flow-Safe II+®

Disposable Bilevel CPAP device

The Flow-Safe II+® is a unique, disposable, all-in-one BiLevel CPAP system. No capital equipment is required, just attach to a flow meter. Flow-Safe II+® is ideal for post-operative respiratory distress situations where capital equipment is scarce or unavailable.


Seamless Video Intubation

Simple, affordable, and effective. Airtraq™ is the ideal choice for your facility. The optional Wi-Fi camera allows effortless procedure recording and disposable blades add valuable functionality tailored to the unique needs of a Surgery Center.


Prone Support System

Elevate prone procedures with the Face-Cradle® Prone Support System. Quick setup, adjustable for adults and pediatric patients. Enhance stability and visibility, featuring a durable polycarbonate mirror. MR Conditional and Latex-Free. Upgrade today!


Next Generation Resuscitator

The CPR-2+® establishes a fresh benchmark in resuscitation. It features a (1,000 mL) modern adult bag size with tidal volume finger markings. These features help reduce the risk of ventilation injury, enabling clinicians to provide proper ventilation during resuscitation. The CPR-2+® can also be used on pediatric patients, making it the perfect choice for Surgery Centers.

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