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Anesthesia, Emergency, Neonatal, Respiratory

Manufacturer: Parker Medical

Parker Intubating Stylets

The Parker Flex-It Articulating Stylet can be used for nasal, as well as oral, intubation, and does not require a fixed curvature throughout the intubation. Easy thumb action allows tube curvature to be continuously varied from outside the mouth during the intubation to enable the tube to follow the curvature of the airway. At the end of the intubation, the tube curvature can easily be released, to allow the tube to straighten and slide down the straight trachea, without removing the stylet from the tube until the intubation is complete.

The one-handed operation of the Parker stylet is designed to facilitate quick, accurate intubation. It is especially helpful for intubating difficult airways due to exaggerated airway curvatures and very anterior larynges.

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Parker Flex-It™ Directional Stylet

Prod. No Unit Part Name
ITFLEX5000 25/Box For use in size 5.0 mm tracheal tubes (Pink)
ITFLEX5560 25/Box For use in size 5.5 mm & 6.0 mm tracheal tubes (Purple)
ITFLEX6570 25/Box For use in size 6.5 mm & 7.0 mm tracheal tubes (Light Green)
ITFLEX7580 25/Box For use in size 7.5 mm & 8.0 mm tracheal tubes (Dark Green)

Parker Medical Malleable Intubation Stylets

Prod. No Unit Part Name
ITHSTLT06 20/Box Intubating Stylet 6 Fr O.D. (2.0 mm)
ITHSTLT10 20/Box Intubating Stylet 10 Fr O.D. (3.3 mm)
ITHSTLT14 20/Box Intubating Stylet 14 Fr O.D. (4.7 mm)

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