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Manufacturer: SunMed

Laryngoscopes – Disposable Green System

  • Disposable blade solves contamination problems and eliminates the cost and time spent cleaning blades and returning them for use
  • Answers the professional’s request for a non-plastic single-use blade suitable for everyday hospital use
  • Polished acrylic stem produces exceptional illumination
  • Compliant with ISO standard 7376
  • Green System compatible
  • Constructed of surgical stainless steel

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Disposable Macintosh Laryngoscopes – Green System

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
53553320120/BoxInfant Size #1
53553320220/BoxChild Size #2
53553320320/BoxMedium Adult Size #3
53553323520/BoxExtended Medium Adult Size #3.5
53553320420/BoxLarge Adult Size #4

Disposable Miller Laryngoscopes – Green System

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
53553332020/BoxPremature Size #00
53553330020/BoxNewborn Size #0
53553330120/BoxInfant Size #1
53553330220/BoxChild Size #2
53553330320/BoxMedium Adult Size #3
53553330420/BoxLarge Adult Size #4

Disposable Miller English Profile Laryngoscope Blade Light on Right – Green System

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
53552300220/BoxChild Size #2
53552300320/BoxMedium Adult Size #3

Disposable LED Handles – Green System

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
53553380920/BoxLED Handle with Textured Grip Medium
53553381020/BoxLED Handle with Textured Grip Penlite
53553381120/BoxLED Handle with Textured Grip Stubby
53553381220/BoxLED Handle with Textured Grip Standard

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