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Manufacturer: Trinity

Reflectors, Electrodes and Temperature Probes

NeoGuard Mini Reflectors – Holds NeoGuard Temp Probe securely to skin while shielding it from radiant heat. Proprietary hydrogel adhesive allows probe to be removed and repositioned without irritating babies’ skin.
Neonatal Electrodes – Proprietary hydrogel adhesive provides excellent skin contact for a high-quality signal. Easy application & removal without irritating babies’ skin. Radiolucency lets electrodes stay in place during x-ray. Typically maintains adhesive quality for 3-7 days.
NeoGuard Temperature Probes – Single-patient-use probe designed for length of stay improves cost recovery. Low profile design and thin, pliable wire enhance flexibility and patient comfort. Each probe is packaged with a NeoGuard Reflector.
NeoGuard Limboard Arm Boards – Soft foam construction for comfortable, effective IV stabilization. Proprietary hydrogel strips hold Limboard in place without harming the skin. Can be reshaped multiple times as IV sties are repositioned. Two sizes to fit all infants.

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NeoGuard Mini Reflectors

Prod. No Unit Part Name
GT4220 100/Box NeoGuard Mini Reflectors (1)
GT4200 200/Box NeoGuard Reflectors (1.5)


Prod. No Unit Part Name
GT4800 300/Box Neonatal Electrodes (Circle)
GT4810 300/Box Infant/Pediatric Electrodes (Rectangle)

NeoGuard Temperature Probes

Prod. No Unit Part Name
GT4501 NeoGuard Temperature Probes (Replaces Air Shields Probe #6820970)
GT4503 40/Box NeoGuard Temperature Probes (Replaces Ohmeda Probe #LA003)

NeoGuard Limboard Arm Boards

Prod. No Unit Part Name
GT4400 48/Box NeoGuard Limboard Arm Boards 1
GT4400B 48/Box NeoGuard Limboard Arm Boards 1
GT4401 48/Box NeoGuard Limboard Arm Boards 1.5

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