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Accessories, Respiratory

Manufacturer: Mercury Medical

Breathing Filters – High-Efficiency HEPA Filter, Bacterial/Viral Exhalation & In-Line Filters

The High-Efficiency HEPA Filter comes with a gas sampling port. The Bacterial/Viral Exhalation & In-Line Filters feature a hydrophobic filter medium to help reduce cross-contamination.

AirLife/Westmed HEPA Filter

Prod. No Unit Part Name
FD6159 50/Box Sampling port, standard ISO connections, BFE/VFE 99.999%

Exhalation Filter

Prod. No Unit Part Name
1055375 20/Box Exhalation Filter (30mm O.D. X 30mm I.D.)

In-Line Filter

Prod. No Unit Part Name
1055376 20/Box In-Line Filter (22mm I.D. X 22mm O.D. / 15mm I.D.)

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