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Manufacturer: Mercury Medical

Color-Coded Oral Airways

Mercury offers the Berman & Guedel Color-Coded Airways, as well as the Williams Airway Intubator or the “Round Hole Airway”.

International color-coding provides instant identification of size.
The soft, kink-resistant Guedel Airways are also engraved with the millimeter size on the flange.

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Guedel Color-Coded Oral Airways

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
1081210C10/PkgGuedel Color-Coded Oral Airways – 5/100mm (Red/Extra Large Adult)
1081250C10/PkgGuedel Color-Coded Oral Airways – 0/50mm (Blue/Infant)
1081260C10/PkgGuedel Color-Coded Oral Airways – 1/60mm (Black/Child)
1081270C10/PkgGuedel Color-Coded Oral Airways – 2/70mm (White/Small Adult)
1081280C10/PkgGuedel Color-Coded Oral Airways – 3/80mm (Green/Medium Adult)
1081290C10/PkgGuedel Color-Coded Oral Airways – 4/90mm (Yellow/Large Adult)

Berman Color-Coded Oral Airways

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
1080000C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 5/100mm (Red)
1080010C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 6/110mm (Orange)
1080040C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 00/40mm (Pink)
1080050C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 0/50mm (Blue)
1080060C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 1/60mm (Black)
1080070C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 2/70mm (White)
1080080C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 3/80mm (Green)
1080090C10/PkgBerman Color-Coded Oral Airways – 4/90mm (Yellow)

Williams Airway Intubator

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
108129510/PkgWilliams Airway Intubator – 9 cm for adult females (Yellow) – Recommended for use with up to 7.5 mm I.D. endotracheal tubes.
108129610/PkgWilliams Airway Intubator – 10 cm for adult males (Pink) – Recommended for use with up to 8.5 mm I.D. endotracheal tubes.

Guedel Oral Airways

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
108121010/PkgGuedel Oral Airways – 5/100mm
108125010/PkgGuedel Oral Airways – 0/50mm
108126010/PkgGuedel Oral Airways – 1/60mm
108127010/PkgGuedel Oral Airways – 2/70mm
108128010/PkgGuedel Oral Airways – 3/80mm
108129010/PkgGuedel Oral Airways – 4/90mm

Berman Oral Airways

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
108000010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 5/100mm
108001010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 6/110mm
108004010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 00/40mm
108005010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 0/50mm
108006010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 1/60mm
108007010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 2/70mm
108008010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 3/80mm
108009010/PkgBerman Oral Airways – 4/90mm

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