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Mercury Medical

Mercury’s core business encompasses Mercury Medical Manufactured Products (MMP), US and International Hospital & EMS Sales, Biomedical Services, Medical Gas Certification and Rental Equipment. Within the US Sales division, Mercury Medical exclusively represents our own manufactured product line along with several innovative manufacturers throughout the US.


Flow-Safe II+® – CPAP & BiLevel

Neo-Tee® – Infant T-Piece Resuscitator

CPR-2+® Adult BVM with Tidal Volume Markings

Disposable CPR-2 Thermoplastic Resuscitators (BVM)

StatCO2® Family – Attachable CO2 Detectors

Hyperinflation Systems

NIFometer® – Negative Inspiratory Force Meter

Face Masks

CPAP – Flow-Safe II®

CPAP with Integrated Nebulizer – Flow-Safe II EZ®

Reusable CPR Resuscitators (BVM’s)

Attachable Breathing Filters

Full Face Masks – CPAP/ BiLevel

EZflow® Product Line – Continuous Nebulizers

Face-Cradle® – Prone Face Support

CPAP Accessories – Flow-Safe II®

Oral Airways – Colors & Clear

Airway Clearance

Insufflator Dual Tank Kit

Resuscitator Manometer with Timing Light – LiteSaver®

Anesthesia Circuits (Mapleson)

Face Masks (Preemie to Adult Sized)

Hyperinflation NuFLO2® (Disposable)

Expansion Tubing

Oxygen Sensors

Product Accessories: Color-coded manometers, PEEP valves, breathing bags, oxygen tubing, filters & more

T-Piece Resuscitator – Resusa-Tee®

Anesthesia Hose Protection

Disposable Synthetic Rubber CPR Resuscitators (BVM’s) 

T-Piece Resuscitation – Circuit

Intubation Stylets


Flow-Safe II® Product Line – CPAP / BiLevel Systems

Fittings, Parts, & Other Accessories

Adapters & Couplers by Style

Tracheal & Nasopharyngeal Airways

Oral Airways, Clearance, Irrigation

Hyperinflation Bags

Neonatal Electrodes, Nasal Suction, Preemie Diapers, Pacifiers, Tourniquets and Eye Protection

Tape / Securement

Pillows, Bedding, Blankets


CO2 Absorbents

T-Piece Resuscitators & Circuits