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Anesthesia Products, Neonatal Products

Manufacturer: Small Beginnings

Cuddle Buns Preemie Diapers

  • Narrow crotch to prevent abduction
  • No logos or printing, all white design
  • Hook & loop closure (no tape)
  • No gel to swell
  • Urine sample directly from diaper
  • One-way liner to keep baby dry
  • Umbilical cut-out
  • Double Elastic to prevent leaks

Cuddle Buns Neonatal Preemie Diapers

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IX21A360/BoxCuddle Buns Diapers (Preemie)
IX21C360/BoxCuddle Buns Diapers (Ultra Preemie)

(800) 835-6633

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