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Manufacturer: Small Beginnings

Calming Cuddle Blanket

The Calming cuddle blanket is part of therapeutic positioning and when used with other Small Beginnings products such as the Diana Bed Buddy, Bed Buddy, or a simple swaddle, the clinician is promoting improved rest and growth. If the baby feels more comfortable and contained, they are more likely to be calm, sleep sounder, and gain more weight, which could lead to an earlier discharge.

Calming Cuddle Blanket

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IX04DW6/BoxWeighted Blanket for infants between 34-40 weeks
IX04DW-RF6/BoxReusable weighted blanket with fleece cover
IX04DW-RK6/BoxReusable weighted blanket with knit cover
IX04DW-R6/BoxReusable weighted blanket no cover
IX04DW-FF10/BoxFleece cover for reusable weighted blanket
IX04DW-KK10/BoxKnit cover for reusable weighted blanket
IX04DW-DD20/BoxDisposable cover for reusable weighted blanket

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