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Manufacturer: Truer Medical Inc

Truer Medical Products

Truer Medical Product Line includes temperature management disposables, airway management intubation stylets, and gas sampling lines and tubing circuits for hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers.

Bougie / Introducer

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IA9055210/BoxBougie/Introducer – Latex-free, calibrated introducer designed to ensure accurate distance insertion. ET Tube Exchanger. Indirect Video Laryngoscope Intubations. Low-density polyethylene frosted finish sheath reduces friction and provides proper stiffness for ease of insertion. Multiple Depth Marks. Malleable for straight or coudé tip.

Esophageal Stethoscope w/ 400 series sensor

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IAES940025/BoxEsophageal Stethoscope w/ 400 series sensor, standard cuff, 9 Fr
IAES1240025/BoxEsophageal Stethoscope w/ 400 series sensor, standard cuff, 12 Fr
IAES1840025/BoxEsophageal Stethoscope w/ 400 series sensor, standard cuff, 18 Fr

Temperature Monitor Interface Cables

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IA703201/Box400 series with HP-type connector
IA703211/Box400 series with right-angle phono jack connector

Gas Sampling Lines

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IA90150100/BoxGas Sampling Lines, Tube ID .050”, Luers M/M, 10’ PVC
IA90151100/BoxGas Sampling Lines, Tube ID .050”, Luers M/F, 10’ PVC

General Purpose Probes

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IAGP940050/BoxGeneral Purpose Probe – 400 series sensor 9 Fr

Intubation Stylets

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IAS100020/BoxAdult Stylet with Stop, OD Size 9Fr, Tube Size 4.5-10.0mm
IAS500020/BoxPediatric Stylet with Stop, OD Size 6Fr, Tube Size 2.5-4.0mm

Skin Temperature Sensors

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IASSP40050/BoxSensor with 400 series connector

Tympanic Probe

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IATP40050/BoxProbe with 400 series connector

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