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Neonatal Products

Manufacturer: Small Beginnings

Heavenly Foam Mattress

  • Made with Visco-Elastic Foam
  • Decreases surface tension
  • Recommended use with the Bed Buddies
  • Available in 2 sizes: Ultra Preemie, Preemie/Newborn
  • Covered or Uncovered
  • Non-Covered is Single Patient Use
  • Vinyl covered Mattresses can be wiped clean
  • Covers are machine washable
  • Non-covered Mattresses come with water-proof disposable covers
  • Optional fleece, knit and disposable covers

Heavenly Foam Mattress Only

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IX04VE24/BoxPreemie/Newborn Heavenly Foam Mattress – 20″x13.5″x5/8″
IX04CVE10/BoxUltra Preemie Heavenly Foam Mattress – 10″x13.5″x5/8″

Leatherette Vinyl Covered Heavenly Foam Mattress

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
IX04VE-C8/BoxPreemie/Newborn Vinyl Covered mattress
IX04CVE-C6/BoxUltra Preemie Vinyl Covered mattress
IX04AVE-C8/BoxVinyl Covered mattress for Preemie/Newborn with Fleece Covers
IX04AKVE-C8/BoxVinyl Covered mattress for Preemie/Newborn with Knit Covers
IX04CCVE-C6/BoxVinyl Covered mattress for Ultra Preemie with Fleece Covers
IX04CCKVE-C6/BoxVinyl Covered mattress for Ultra Preemie with Knit Covers

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