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Neonatal, Respiratory

Manufacturer: Mercury Medical

New Reusable CPR Resuscitation Systems with Optional Disposable Accessories

The Reusable Resuscitation System with the Mercury Medical quality you can count on. The Reusable CPR Resuscitation System is a full line of resuscitators manufactured with Silicone and Polysulfone material providing superior lung compliance “feel.” This system is fully autoclavable with the exception of certain accessories and replacement items such as the reservoir bag, oxygen tubing and accessories. Whether you\’re resuscitating an infant, child, small adult or adult, we supply the accessories and CPR Bags for your critical care needs. In the long run, Mercury Medical® offers you the most comprehensive resuscitation systems designed to manage health care costs more efficiently.

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CPR Bag, Reusable Adult

Prod. No Unit Part Name
1050700 1/Box CPR Bag, Reusable Adult

CPR Bag, Reusable Child

Prod. No Unit Part Name
1050704 1/Box CPR Bag, Reusable Child

CPR Bag, Reusable Infant

Prod. No Unit Part Name
1050706 1/Box CPR Bag, Reusable Infant

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