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Taking Action to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Response to COVID-19

It is of utmost importance to reassure Mercury Medical customers that we are fully operational…

CPAP Therapy with COVID-19

CPAP may be of benefit to patients, (COVID-19), earlier on in the disease process than first thought…

Mercury Medical Exhalation Filters and Coronavirus

Used with self-inflating BVMs and Flow-Safe CPAP Devices…

CPR Bags with COVID-19

Positive Pressure Ventilation and Self-inflating bags fill spontaneously after they are squeezed, pulling oxygen or air…





View the Flow-Safe II Disposable CPAP line of products along with other airway management devices ideal for Emergency clinicians providing better patient outcomes.


View airway management devices uniquely developed for Anesthesia clinicians.


View the new Resusa-Tee T-Piece Resuscitator and related airway management devices suited especially for Respiratory clinicians.


View the Neo-Tee Disposable Infant T-Piece Resuscitator and other specialized neonatal resuscitation devices designed to fulfill Neonatal clinical needs while improving tiny patient outcomes.

Anesthesia Services

Mercury Medical has been providing sales and service in the Clinical Equipment market for over 50 years. Mercury provides a full-service approach to maintaining anesthesia equipment.

Biomedical Services

The Biomedical Sales and Services Division specializes in the repair and maintenance of medical equipment in Anesthesia, OR, Respiratory, Central Services, and Critical Care departments.

Medical Gas

Mercury Medical can provide medical gas equipment and services to hospitals, surgical offices, surgical centers, hyperbaric services, dental clinics and veterinary hospitals.

Refurbished Equipment

Mercury Medical offers an affordable way to meet your current refurbished equipment needs without compromising quality or patient safety.


Mercury Medical distributes our Specialty Innovative Manufactured Products to over 80 worldwide markets. Find your Local Distributor

New Ideas

We continually explore opportunities to partner with inventors and companies that can benefit from our engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution capabilities. Contact Us with Your New Product Ideas

Flow-Safe II+® CPAP System

First Disposable BiLevel Device with CPAP capability

Flow-Safe II+ is the only available Disposable BiLevel CPAP system with integrated manometer for verifying pressures. The lightweight disposable feature allows for easy CPAP or BiLevel CPAP therapy set up and delivery during transport. Flow-Safe II+ is ideal for situations where backup BiLevel CPAP equipment is scarce or unavailable.

Small Adult CPR-2 Bag with LiteSaver® Manometer

An Equation for Successful Ventilation

Mercury’s CPR and CPR-2 small adult bags with LiteSaver Manometer offer an equation for proper ventilation – a basic skill but not an easy one! They provide a solution that addresses rate (integrated blinking light every 6 seconds for advanced airway patients), volume (smaller 1000 ML bag) and pressure (manometer) all in one self-inflating manual resuscitator.


New: Next Generation Hemostatic Agent

It expands the use of these agents far beyond present indications: from severe life threatening penetrating wounds, to a bleeding dialysis fistula, to a simple nosebleed or scalp laceration. Its patented technology is so effective that it will truly change the way clinicians think about hemostatic agents. The solid gauze converts to an expanding gel and is capable of absorbing over 2,500% of its’ weight in blood. Minimal training is required to effectively use WoundClot.


“Heroes Work Here Too” Banners Recognize Heroes
Clearwater, FL, November 13, 2020 – “Heroes Work Here Too” posters and banners all around corporate headquarters recognize Mercury Medical Heroes! From Mercury Medical President & CEO Dr. John Gargaro: “As you drive around the town you see health care facilities where signs are displayed with the words “Heroes Work Here.” It occurs to me that Mercury’s […]

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