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Manufacturing OEM

Bring Your New Medical Device to Life: Innovative Manufacturing and OEM Solutions from Mercury Medical

Bringing new ideas to market can be a very complex and costly venture. For over 55 years Mercury Medical has been assisting individuals and start-up companies with the expertise to propel your idea into a marketable product. Mercury Medical will help you simplify the process by partnering with you and our experienced new product development team.

Manufacturing Medical Technologies is Our Expertise

Mercury Medical is a leading global manufacturer of specialty airway management devices that provides cutting-edge solutions for healthcare markets around the world. With skilled, state-of-the-art engineering design and technology, Mercury manufactured products exemplify excellence in quality life- saving clinical solutions. We draw upon extensive resources and capabilities expertise from within our manufacturing facility providing our partners with the latest in advanced design and manufactured products to meet their critical needs.


  • Expertise in Class I and Class II medical devices
  • Enhancing existing product designs
  • Expertise in reusable to disposable product development
  • Product prototyping and testing
  • Regulatory compliance and patient process expertise
  • Plastics tooling/molding

Fully Certified for Your Manufacturing Needs: Regulatory Certificates

Please view our Regulatory Certificates page for more details and links to each of our certificates.

Your New Idea Can Become a Life Saving Medical Product

Mercury Medical is interested in learning about your new product ideas because we know that innovation is at the heart of healthcare today. We recognize that even the smallest idea has the potential to positively impact medical technology and, ultimately, save lives. Because we are dedicated to better patient outcomes, we are always looking for opportunities to further improve the quality of healthcare. We continually explore opportunities to partner with inventors and companies that can benefit from our engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution capabilities.

We encourage you to contact us to review your invention.  Please contact us at: View a copy of our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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