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CEO Message

Our Commitment is to the Patient

Mercury Medical has been committed to advancing care in the surgical, anesthesia, and airway management space by manufacturing and distributing high-quality innovative products since 1963.

As a former surgeon, I know well the primacy of strict attention to detail and process to ensure the universal goal of healthcare — maximizing positive patient outcomes. Precision, efficiency, and uncompromising effort imbue everything we do – from product development to manufacturing, from customer service to distribution. We never lose sight of the fact that we ourselves, or one of our loved ones, could be the very patients using our products one day.

What we do is just that important.

John Gargaro, MD

CEO, Mercury Medical

50 Years of Medical Device Sales and Development

A discussion could be made about Mercury and being in business for over 50 years, the number of corporate divisions, the innovative products we manufacture or the position we hold in the national and international medical markets. Important as these entities are, they are not alone what dictates Mercury’s continued success.

The fundamental thoughts that energize Mercury Medical are its people and their strict adherence to core values. These core values have resulted in a culture and environment that is formed on customer values and needs. What is important is the way you, our customers and business associates, perceive us. Perception is reality. Because destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice, we made a conscientious decision on what Mercury’s foundation would be. No rules, only five core values; to be responsive, courteous, honest, resourceful and efficient. This has resulted in a culture and environment which is professional, ethical and moral. What results from this environment is an organization of people, committed to the overall philosophy of Mercury Medical; to be respectful, giving, impartial and willing to serve.

I want to thank you as we continue to grow and succeed in fulfilling the community’s medical needs. Be assured that we treasure our relationship and will always strive to deserve and maintain your continued support.

Stanley G. Tangalakis

Chairman, Mercury Medical