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Anesthesia, Respiratory

Manufacturer: Mercury Medical

Face-Cradle® Prone Support System

The Face-Cradle® is for use in prone position surgeries offering the clinician greater visibility of the patient’s face. Advantages include:

  • Simple set-up, “no waiting”
  • Fully adjustable cushion set accommodates most adult head sizes
  • Greater patient stability
  • Greater visibility of patient’s eyes and ET tube


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Face-Cradle® Prone Support System

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10520001/EachProne Base and Mirror Set

Face-Cradle® Replacement Prone Mirror

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10520011/EachReplacement Prone Mirror

Face-Cradle® Replacement Prone Base

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10520021/EachReplacement Prone Base

Face-Cradle® Prone Contoured Foam Cushions

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10520035/BoxProne Contoured Foam Cushions (2/set, 5 sets per box)

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