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Acute Care, Emergency, Respiratory

CPR-2+ Next Generation Resuscitator with Tidal Volume Markings (Disposable)

Modern adult bag size (1,000 mL) and tidal volume markings help clinicians deliver optimal resuscitation. Made with a disposable thermoplastic material.

Thermoplastic CPR-2 Resuscitator (Disposable)

Full line of disposable thermoplastic BVM resuscitators available in adult, small adult, pediatric, and infant sizes.

CPR Resuscitator (Reusable)

A full line of reusable resuscitators manufactured with silicone and polysulfone material provides superior lung compliance “feel.”

Synthetic Rubber CPR Resuscitator (Disposable)

Comprehensive resuscitation systems are designed to manage healthcare costs more efficiently. Available in a full range of sizes: infant, child, small adult, & adult.

The LiteSaver® – Resuscitator Manometer with Timing Light

A disposable, color-coded manometer with integrated timing light that blinks every 6 seconds. Assists in reducing the risk of aspiration and stacking breaths.

Product Accessories: color-coded manometers, PEEP valves, breathing bags, oxygen tubing, filters & more

Manometers, PEEP valves, anatomical and round silicone masks, oxygen tubing, corrugated tubing, breathing bags and filters are available.

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