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Preemie to Adult Sized Medical Face Masks

The anatomical face masks feature a cushion that’s anatomically correct and contours for all patient sizes. They provide an overall tight seal and are designed specifically for all patient sizes – neonatal through adult. The masks are DEHP-FREE.


Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM®)

With a maximized delivery of approximately 80 to 90% FiO2, The POM is the clinical option of choice for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and conscious sedation cases while reducing risk of hypoxic events and increasing patient safety to become the standard of patient care!

Mojo® Full Face Mask

The Mojo® Vented and Non-Vented masks feature a patented AIR°gel® cushion, flexible shell with Custom Fit Technology™ and an Adjustable Tension Wheel. Together, they provide an optimal fit with maximum comfort. Fine-tuned fit and function — have it all in a full-face mask.

Veraseal® 3 Disposable Mask

The Veraseal® 3 disposable mask brings AIR°gel® technology to acute care for a giant step forward in patient comfort. Three color coded elbow designs make choosing the right mask for CPAP/Bilevel, single or dual limb circuit NIV systems simple. The Veraseal® 3 fits quickly and easily while enhancing patient comfort.


Veraseal® 2 Disposable Full Face Mask

The Veraseal® 2 disposable full face mask brings AIR°gel® technology to the acute care environment for a giant step forward in patient comfort. Three color coded elbow designs make choosing the right mask for CPAP, single, or dual limb circuit NIV systems simple. The Veraseal® 2 fits quickly and easily while enhancing patient comfort. Both vented (with leak ports) and non-vented (without leak ports) versions are available for CPAP, BiPAP, and ventilator therapy.

Mojo® 2 Full Face Mask

The Mojo® 2 Vented and Non-Vented masks feature a patented AIR°gel® cushion, moldable shell with Custom Fit Technology™ and a Forehead Adjustment Screw. Together, they provide a personalized fit with maximum comfort.

MiniMe® & MiniMe® 2 Nasal Pediatric Masks

Specifically designed for children, Sleepnet’s MiniMe® mask offers a softer approach to therapy. The flexible shell of our Custom Fit Technology™ allows for an optimal fit and the patented AIR°gel® cushion comes close to the skin for maximum comfort. With FDA clearance for children ages 2-12, this gentle interface provides a soft, easy, and straightforward solution for the most important little patient in your life. Leak ports (vents) have been built into this mask, so a separate exhalation port is not needed.

MiniMe 2 is also designed for children ages 2-12, it features our patented AIR°gel with Advanced Cushion Technology. With increased moldability, MiniMe 2 provides your smallest patients the ultimate fit and maximum comfort.


AcuCare™ Hospital Disposable Full Face Masks

AcuCare™ is ResMed’s range of high-quality disposable patient interfaces for the hospital. By quickly establishing mask stability and a reliable seal without compromising comfort, AcuCare masks are designed to achieve fast patient acceptance of non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Masks with Elbow Options

The deluxe full face mask is designed with a soft double silicone mask rim that improves patient comfort while creating a good seal for reducing leaks. The elastic head harness is easy to place with hook and loop straps that adjust for better patient comfort. It includes adjustable forehead pads for additional comfort reducing pressure on the nose while improving fit. It also includes quick disconnect clips for easy removal.

90° Anti-Asphyxia Valve Elbow easily and affordably converts Mercury EMS Flow-Safe Deluxe CPAP Masks to Acute Care CPAP/BiLevel Masks (non-vented).

Flow-Safe II+® Disposable BiLevel CPAP System

Flow-Safe II+® is the only available Disposable BiLevel CPAP system with integrated manometer for verifying pressures. The lightweight disposable feature allows for easy CPAP or BiLevel CPAP therapy set up and delivery during transport. Flow-Safe II+ is ideal for situations where backup BiLevel CPAP equipment is scarce or unavailable.


Flow-Safe II EZ® CPAP System with Integrated Nebulizer

Flow-Safe II EZ® gives you many advantages in life-saving emergencies.
Advantages include:

  • Integrated Nebulizer
  • Consumes 50% Less Oxygen (though increased flow may be required when using the nebulizer)
  • Built-in Manometer & Pressure Relief Valve
  • Advanced Mask Design

Flow-Safe II® CPAP System – 50% Less Oxygen Consumption

A Revolution in Emergency Care When life-saving Emergency Care is in your hands, count on the new Flow-Safe II® CPAP System. A major leap in product innovation, it takes Emergency Care to a whole new level—over 50% less oxygen consumption, and uses standard flowmeters. Its advantages are many. Which clearly puts you at an advantage.

EZflow® – EZflow MAX® Continuous Nebulizers

Breathing new life into proven therapy through the benefits of Continuous Nebulization. A new generation of continuous nebulizers. The EZflow® / EZflow MAX® feature a very efficient small volume reservoir which attaches directly to an aerosol mask eliminating the need for pole brackets and aerosol tubing. Advantages include:

  • Continuous medication delivery to patients for up to 4 hours with EZflow® and 1.5 – 2 hrs with EZflow MAX®
  • Higher concentrations of medication, up to 9.1 mg/hr of Albuterol
  • The nebulizer design with the reservoir attached directly to the mask reduces rainout and subsequent inadequate dosing issues
  • A spill proof design helps to eliminate waste and cleanup

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