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Clearwater, FL, Mar 31, 2020 – Some clinicians are currently inquiring if CPAP therapy can be used with COVID-19 patients. According to the many experts, the response is an overwhelming YES!

Josh Farkas MD, associate professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Vermont states, “COVID patients really need positive pressure more than anything else. For example, their work of breathing is often tolerable – so they may not need much mechanical support for the work of breathing (indeed, mechanical support could lead to injuriously large tidal volumes).” The best modality to provide lots of positive pressure is simply Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). CPAP may not seem dramatic, but this modality actually provides the greatest amount of positive pressure to allow for the most powerful recruitment.”

Importantly, recently communicated new findings from the Intensive Care Society, (ICS), state, “CPAP may be of benefit to patients, (COVID-19), earlier on in the disease process than first thought and may prevent deterioration of some patients to the extent of them not going on to need invasive ventilation.”

Mercury Medical markets technology that can provide both CPAP and Bilevel therapies using low cost Flow-Safe CPAP and Bilevel CPAP disposable devices. Current research supports the use of Flow-Safe Disposable CPAP devices.

In addition, The American Journal of Emergency Medicine concludes that a disposable CPAP device, (Flow-Safe II® Mercury Medical®), is just as effective as a mechanical portable ventilator (Philips Respironics Trilogy 202).

A continuum of care protocol can be established by placing COVID-19 patients on a disposable CPAP/Bilevel device upon entry to the EMS vehicle / ER Department; maintaining the same device during the hospital stay until an intensive care ventilator is indicated. The Flow-Safe disposable CPAP / Bilevel devices are packaged with non-vented full face deluxe masks. When used with an expiratory filter, they may reduce the incidence of cross contamination, are simple to use, require little training and run on medical grade air/oxygen systems currently available in hospitals today.

For CPAP Therapy with COVID-19

Mercury Medical offers these products to provide CPAP Therapy with COVID-19 patients:

Flow-Safe II+® Disposable BiLevel CPAP System

Flow-Safe II EZ® CPAP System with Integrated Nebulizer

Flow-Safe II® CPAP System – 50% Less Oxygen Consumption

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