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Neo-Tee® Takes Center Stage with New NRP Guidelines

Exciting News in Neonatal Resuscitation:
The spotlight is on! The latest Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) guidelines have been unveiled, updating infant resuscitation protocols. The recommendation to use a T-piece resuscitator to deliver positive pressure ventilation (PPV) over self-inflating bags marks a significant shift in approach. Mercury Medical’s Neo-Tee® series stands at the forefront of this important change.

A History of Success:
Mercury Medical proudly pioneered the disposable T-piece resuscitator over a decade ago, and since then it has become a lifesaving device used across the globe. Now, with the NRP guidelines highlighting T-piece resuscitators as the preferred device for neonatal resuscitation, Neo-Tee® is set to take center stage!

In light of the latest recommendations, JournalFeed created a brief instructional video demonstrating the usage of the Neo-Tee®.

Upgrade Your Resuscitation Approach:
Seize the opportunity to enhance your infant resuscitation techniques with the Neo-Tee®. Aligned with the latest NRP recommendations, this essential device ensures you’re at the forefront of advancements in neonatal care. Join the movement to save more lives with the Neo-Tee®!

Key Features and Benefits:

✔️ Backed by Over a Decade of Proven Success
✔️ Innovative Disposable Solution
✔️ No Capital Equipment Required
✔️ MR Conditional & DEHP-Free

Expertly Positioned to Serve the World:
Mercury Medical, a trailblazer in neonatal medical technology, proudly leads the charge as the go-to provider of infant T-piece resuscitators. Saving babies is our passion!

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