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WoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze

WoundClot® is the ideal hemostatic gauze that conforms to different types of injuries, is easy to apply, self-activating, efficient in bleeding control and natural in its mode of action to avoid complications and unwanted reactions to the injured. Additional sizes include: 2″ x 2″, 3.1” x 8”, 3.1” x 39” & 8” x 12”.

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WoundClot™ Hemostatic Gauze

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
KT10105590120/BoxWoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze (2” X 2”)
KT10141190110/BoxWoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze (4” X 4”)
KT10148290110/BoxWoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze (3.1” X 8”)
KT10148190110/BoxWoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze (3.1” X 39”)
KT1014239015/BoxWoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze (8” X 12”)

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