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Manufacturer: Precision Medical

Precision Medical Oxygen Analyzers / Oxygen Monitors

The difference between medical equipment Oxygen Analyzers and Oxygen Monitors.

There is a difference between these two O2 medical devices.

While both devices analyze and display the percentage of oxygen via an electrochemical oxygen sensor, an Oxygen Monitor also includes the capability of providing alarm signals with brackets around the desired concentration as a back-up to the utilized equipment.

Oxygen Analyzers do not include alarms and are not intended for use in continuous monitoring of oxygen delivery to a patient.

A variety of mounting options are available to facilitate use on pole mount (vertical or horizontal), wall mount or rail mount environments, as well as with air and oxygen blenders/mixers.

Other accessories include oxygen sensor manifolds designed specifically for blenders, in-line ventilator circuit application or flowmeter adaption are offered.

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Oxygen Monitor

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ECPM59001/EachOxygen Monitor – Includes Oxygen Monitor with Coil Cable, Diverter, Sensor, T Piece and 4 AA batteries

AccuO2 Oxygen Analyzer

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ECPM59501/EachAccuO2 Oxygen Analyzer – Includes Oxygen Analyzer with Coil Cable, Diverter, Sensor and T Piece

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