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BiLevel Therapy, CPAP Solutions

Manufacturer: Mercury Medical

Flow-Safe II+® CPAP / BiLevel System

Flow-Safe II+® disposable BiLevel / CPAP system with an integrated manometer for verifying pressures.

Flow-Safe II EZ® CPAP with Integrated Nebulizer

Flow-Safe II EZ® – Disposable CPAP system with an integrated nebulizer and a built-in manometer.

Flow-Safe II® CPAP System

Easy-to-setup CPAP System, with built-in manometer and pressure pop-off valve.

Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Masks

The deluxe full-face mask is designed with a soft double silicone mask rim that improves patient comfort while creating a good seal for reducing leaks.

Flow-Safe II® Elbows and Tubing

Flow-Safe II® tubing kit, and anti-asphyxia valve elbow options.

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