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Manufacturer: Bleep

DreamPort™ Sleep Solution

The CPAP solution that will change lives!

This patented solution uses medical grade adhesive strips to hold the DreamPorts in place under the patient’s nose for optimized comfort. Say goodbye to bulky headgear and uncomfortable straps – the DreamPort™ Sleep Solution fits the exact shape of any nose to ensure zero leaks…just a great night’s sleep!

The DreamPorts are easy to apply and won’t leave marks on patients’ faces at the end of the night. The DreamPort™ Sleep Solution won’t constrict movement or get in the way.

  • Can be used before and during sleep
  • Can be worn comfortably with facial hair
  • Patients can sleep on their back or side
  • Lets everyone sleep soundly
  • Application is quick and simple
  • Fits every nose shape perfectly

DreamPort™ Sleep Solution

Prod. No Unit Part Name
LE100382 54 Boxes per Case DreamPort™ – 32 Sets per Box (16 nights supply)
LE100383 24 DreamPort Starter Kits DreamPort™ Starter Kits – Includes 1 DreamWay & 1 DreamPort Box (16 nights supply)
LE100434 8/Box DreamPrep Witch Hazel Wipes (100 wipes in a canister)
LE100524 24/Box DreamWay Clinical/Lab Mask
LE100566 24/Box DreamWay Hospital Mask – Includes 24 masks, 3 boxes of DreamPorts and 24 alcohol prep pads

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