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Manufacturer: ABM Respiratory Care

BiWaze® Clear System

BiWaze® Clear System provides oscillating lung expansion (OLE) therapy to help treat and prevent atelectasis, remove retained secretions from deep in the lungs and reduce the work of breathing. BiWaze® Clear expands and clears the airways through a combination of airway clearance therapies in just 10 minutes. Alternating therapies of lung expansion and high-frequency oscillation combined with nebulization helps thin and mobilize mucus to the upper airways where it can be coughed or suctioned out.



  • Combines three airway clearance techniques – Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP), high-frequency oscillation, and Aerogen® Nebulization.
  • Expiratory flow bias during oscillations.
  • Superior aerosol deposition to the lungs. (1)
  • Closed circuit design with an Aerogen® Solo nebulizer.
  • Dual air-path control to separate inhaled and exhaled air.
  • Stored therapy profiles (up to 10).
  • Advance therapy programming to customize each therapy phase.
  • Touchscreen control.
  • Lightweight system (9 lbs) including battery.
  • A lithium-ion battery is included with each system.

BiWaze® Clear System

Prod. NoUnitDescription
LQBK3681/EachBiWaze® Clear System, 2x BiWaze® Clear Dual Lumen Breathing Circuits (LQBK280), Mobile Cart, Aerogen® with Power Cable, Internal Battery, Power Cord, Air Inlet Filter (3 Pack), User Manual, and Quick Reference Guide.

BiWaze® Clear Dual Lumen Breathing Circuit

Prod. NoUnitDescription
LQBK2801/EachCoaxial Breathing Tube, Coaxial Filter, Handset, Aerogen® Solo Nebulizer, Two-step Adapter, Mouthpiece.
Other BiWaze® Clear Dual Lumen Circuit options are available.  Please contact customer service for more information.

Spring-loaded Tee

Prod. NoUnitDescription
CQ100950/EachSpring-loaded Tee 22mm Od X 22mm Id X 18mm Id

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