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Clearwater, FL, April 3, 2020 – Mercury Medical Exhalation Filters feature hydrophobic filter medium and are typically used with Mercury Medical self-inflating BVMs and Flow-Safe CPAP Devices along with other appropriate medical devices. These filters have been independently tested and found to be 99.75% effective on particles with an approximate size of 3.2 microns. They have not been tested specifically for filtration of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, Mercury is unable to provide any information regarding the efficacy of filtration for this pathogen. Filters can only reduce the chance of transmission and will not eliminate the risk.

Product Information

Exhalation Filter – Part Number 1055375

Bacterial Filter – Part Number 1055376

PEEP Valve with Integral Filter (MR Conditional) – Part Number 1055331

Flow-Safe II+® Disposable BiLevel CPAP System

CPR-2 Thermoplastic Bags Disposable

Contact Customer Service for ordering assistance: 800-835-6633