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SunMed is an FDA registered, ISO-13485 certified manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical devices for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Their product family includes airway management, anesthesia, respiratory, resuscitation/ventilation, diagnostics, oxygen delivery and surgical care products.


Nasal Cannula – High Flow Flo Easy™

Cannulas & Masks – Comfort Soft Plus® CO2/O2

Intubating Stylets (Parker Medical)

Tracheal Tubes – ThinCuff®

Tracheal Tubes – Flex-Tip™

Nasopharyngeal Airways – Flex-Tip™

Securement – Sticky Whiskers

Securement – Mini Whiskers

Cannulaide Infant CPAP

Laryngoscopes – Reusable Green System

Laryngoscopes – Green System (Disposable)

Blood Pressure Cuffs & Accessories