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Clearwater, FL, March 28, 2022 – Mercury Medical has selected Andau Medical as their Canadian Airtraq Video Laryngoscope System Distribution Partner with the signing of an Exclusive Agreement.

Mercury Medical, exclusive North American distributor of the Airtraq video laryngoscope and camera system, has selected Andau Medical as their exclusive Canadian distribution partner for the state-of-the-art Airtraq video laryngoscope product line.

Airtraq simplifies video laryngoscopy with its ETT channel guide aiding in safety and in reducing intubation time. The fully disposable system with its 90-degree shape works with the anatomy, minimizing the need for hyperextension while reducing force. There is no need for a stylet avoiding potential injury while eliminating additional intubation equipment costs. Airtraq facilitates intubation from any position with clinical evidence of high intubation success rates and is easy to learn. The optional lightweight Wi-Fi camera facilitates video recording and auto recording options.

Mercury Medical is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology in the acute care and emergency markets both in the United States and globally – a philosophy that is fully in line with Andau Medical and Airtraq.

John Gargaro MD, President and CEO states: “Our mission is delivering clinically differentiated critical care technology that saves lives throughout the world. As such, Mercury Medical believes that the Airtraq is a superior solution designed to improve outcomes in patients requiring intubation. As a company, Mercury Medical has a rich experience in introducing and educating clinicians on innovative, clinically differentiated medical devices. We are extremely pleased to expand our Airtraq presence and expertise in Canada with Andau Medical to further advance intubation practices. The clinical evidence supporting Airtraq’s superior performance is strong and aligned with Andau and Mercury Medical’s missions.”

Sandi Wright, Andau Medical’s CEO states, “We are pleased to partner with Airtraq and Mercury Medical in the Canadian market. Our mission at Andau Medical is to bring products to market that support clinicians to improve their workflows, leading to better patient outcomes. The simplicity and flexibility of the Airtraq system supports enhanced workflows by offering clinicians an easy-to-use option for intubation in a variety of acute and pre-acute clinical settings.”

About Mercury Medical
Established in 1963, Mercury Medical has a rich experience in introducing cutting edge technology in acute care and emergency markets which add safety and efficiency to clinical practice while providing a full menu of acute care solutions in over 60 countries. Focused on the critical care areas of anesthesia, respiratory, neonatal and emergency markets, clinicians have relied on Mercury Medical as their resource for establishing a legacy of innovative, superior solutions. Mercury Medical’s high-quality standards include ISO 13485, MDSAP and ISO 9001 certifications.

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Lisa Cordner: 727-573-4930,

About Andau
Andau Medical is a Canadian Medical and Dental Device company focused on providing the market with quality technologies that improve patient outcomes and enhance the clinical experience in delivering exceptional patient care. Our expertise in sales, marketing, regulatory and distribution enables us to generate quick market uptake of both existing and new technologies. We collaborate with manufacturers who have unique products that drive value in the delivery of patient care. With decades of experience working across all acute care departments, our highly experienced team of sales and marketing professionals deliver results quickly for our manufacturing partners.

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Contact Evelyn Chicoine
Director of Marketing
Phone: 1-844-263-2888

About Airtraq LLC
Prodol Meditec S.A. is a global medical device company focused solely on airway and airway management. Their unique patented Airtraq intubation system utilizes a guiding channel that facilitates endotracheal tube placement improving success for the clinician while also making it safer for the patient. Airtraq is focused on patient safety and regulatory compliance with the following global certifications: ISO 13485, MDSAP and ISO 9001.

For more information:
Contact Danny Daniel
Vice President of Sales, North America
Office – 972-325-1025
Cell – 972-768-2737